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This Week in History, Sep 21 – Sep 27

Sep 21, 1780

Benedict Arnold commits treason

Sep 22, 1862

Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation

Sep 23, 1875

Billy the Kid arrested for first time

Sep 24, 1789

The First Supreme Court

Sep 25, 1957

Central High School integrated

Sep 26, 1960

First Kennedy-Nixon debate

Sep 27, 1779

John Adams appointed to negotiate peace terms with British



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Lead Story

Benedict Arnold commits treason, 1780

American Revolution

Spaniards capture Baton Rouge, 1779


Nils Bohlin, inventor of the three-point seatbelt, dies at 82, 2002

Civil War

Union General John Reynolds is Born, 1820

Cold War

Mao Zedong outlines the new Chinese government, 1949


A 13-year-old’s dead body turns up, 1983


Earthquake kills thousands in Taiwan, 1999

General Interest

Monarchy abolished in France, 1792

The Great New England Hurricane, 1938

Powell becomes Joint Chiefs’ chairman, 1989


Clooney makes Facts of Life debut, 1985


H.G. Wells is born, 1866


Jeannie C. Riley is the first woman to top the Country and Pop charts simultaneously, 1968

Old West

The great Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph dies in Washington, 1904


FDR urges repeal of Neutrality Act embargo provisions, 1939


Carlton gets 3,118th strikeout, 1981

Vietnam War

5th Special Forces Group is activated at Fort Bragg, 1961

Thai troops arrive in Saigon, 1967

World War I

Central Powers respond to Papal Peace Note, 1917

World War II

The Superfortress takes flight, 1942


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