15 Nov

President Obama Instructs Senator Joe Lieberman

President Obama Instructs Senator Joe Lieberman

Photo documentation of the abuse and torture of civilians detained by the U.S. military abounds and circulates through the dark corridors of the U.S. Government. Much of this testimony of systematic and Government sponsored torture has been printed for private viewing and rests in large yellow envelopes, reportedly seen propped against the feet of President Obama’s favourite armchair in the White House. Last week he was seen deep in conversation with Senator Joe Lieberman in the Oval room, holding a glass of Whiskey in his right hand, apparently oblivious of the images beneath his feet, which he had casually trod upon.



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And he continues to casually tread upon our system of justice. Shame on you, Obama, SHAME!

And why hasn’t someone who has these envelopes leak them to the American public–Americans who have a right to know what was done in their names.

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