06 Sep

2012 Democratic National Convention – President Obama and Other Speakers

Comments from the Clan:

The McGlynn: Carol, behave yourself.

Carol:I am beginning to think that thewomen should be the candidates! Oh wait… I’ve always thought that:)

Richard: The best looking, genuine, first lady this country has ever had in my life time. Attached is a picture of my favorite grocey shopping bag.

Having it with me allows me to inquire with each and every teller about whether they do or don’t believe she is the most interesting and beautiful first lady that we have ever had for this country of ours. The result has been overwhelmingly positive with only one saying he would not give her the time of day and he would spit on her if he could and this was at whole foods. He was creepy. I told him I was sorry to hear that. Ohhy! . Most everyone likes my bag and so I have to explain to them that I have a crush on her. They usually put their head down and smile.
The guys are usually totally miffed and don’t know what to say. Haaa! Rich

David : As I told you earlier today ‘me hat’…… Clintons speech was the best damn speech I have EVER heard!

Leah: Ditto Dan’s remark, excellent speech. Got in all the wonky details, dealt with facts and stats, made great connecting points, rightly called Romney and Ryan liars and identified the lies, made a great case for Obama and didn’t make it all about himself ;). Kinda almost Ted Kennedy-esque. What’s more impressive is that these guys don’t think “fondly” of each other. Between Clinton and Strickland (details and red meat) I think they covered what they could with reaching the disaffected. Warren even did pretty good. Michelle was great though she’d have my rapt attention if giving a speech about how to preform a root canal. It will be interesting to hear what Obama has to say…..

Dan: It was a great speech (Clinton)


President Obama

Ted Kennedy DNC Tribute

DNC 2012: Video celebrates the famed Democratic senator’s career in politics.

The McGlynn: There was a man!

First Lady’s Personal Speech Stirs Nationwide Delegates

Posted by Dem Convention Digital on Sep. 5, 2012

One convention-goer was especially impressed — Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich. “She’s key to the success of the administration and the Obama family as a first family and to the nation. She brings intelligence, style, grace, and great dignity to the office.”

Former President Bill Clinton

John Kerry DNC Speech

Sandra Fluke’s speech to the DNC

Elizabeth Warren: “We Run This Country for the People”

Jennifer Granholm

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As I told you earlier today ‘me hat’…… Clintons speech was the best damn speech I have EVER heard!

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