07 Apr

‘Change we can believe in’ and U.S. Military Operations

Many will have seen the video (click here) hosted on the Wikileaks site which shows the undeniable nature of the knowing slaughter of innocent civilians in Iraq in 2007 by U.S. military personnel. The nature of the video footage, which the U.S. Government refused officially to release, cannot be mistaken. U.S. Military personnel, hovering over a group of civilians in an open square in Iraq, all of whom make no effort to avoid being seen, are killed by sustained and targeted Helicopter gunfire. What is also shown is that a subsequent attempt by Iraqi civilians to save the life of the sole survivor of the initial attack, is fired upon by the Helicopter gunship causing additional death. The accompanying voice recording indicates clearly that those involved in the collective murder have no concern whatsoever that their actions may come under scrutiny. Why you may ask is this so? The answer is clear and incontestable. It is very likely, if not certain, that what we see recorded on this video is standard military practice and is occurring on a daily basis inside Iraq and Afghanistan. That the U.S. Military authorities, who will have seen and scrutinized this video, will have done nothing to alter that practice and accept no wrongdoing, clearly implies that it is a practice that they wish to continue. It is difficult if not impossible to avoid drawing conclusions about what this portends for the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and the wider Middle East. The unprovoked assault on innocent civilians and the cold, careless and reckless nature of the procedure of death carried out, cannot but imply the presence of a fundamental operational attitude by the U.S. military and through association, by the U.S. Government, to the peoples of Iraq. The attitude can be summarized as that of greater to lesser, of powerful to weak, of that which matters to that which does not, of valued to valueless, of center to periphery, of that which is prized to that which is contemned, of colonizer to colonized. It is an age old relation. It is the relation of Master to Slave and it is yet further proof that in the United States of America, there is indeed no ‘Change we can believe in.’

Children In WikiLeak Video Demanding Justice

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The hell with god forgiving us. We should be asking for forgiveness from the Afghan people, the Iraqi people, and all peace-loving and peace- seeking, non-militaristic people of the world. It is with those people, and only those, that we can shape a future for our children. Obama does not seem to understand this any better than did Bush. What a tragedy.


Yes, you are quite right. In American history, the appeal to God’s forgiveness has always come after the perpetration of the most horrific crimes against our fellows and contains within itself the logic of self aggrandizement and the accompanying appeal to righteousness, so often invoked.

Let us remove the appeal to God’s forgiveness and wholly condemn the current Administration’s position on Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Let us go further and recognize that President Obama’s Presidency indicates no break in U.S. Foreign policy as it announces daily the expansion of American power and the enlargement of U.S. Military operations.

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