05 Apr

Help states fight back against Citizens United.

The McGlynn,

Tell your senator: Keep the STOCK Act strong.

With its disastrous Citizens United ruling, the Supreme Court
overturned a century of settled law, unleashing a flood of unlimited corporate
money in our elections.

Since then, a lot of the focus has been on Washington, but all that “settled
law” didn’t start in our capital. It started in the states. And some of them
want to keep holding back the flood.

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock kept enforcing his state’s
century-old prohibitions against corporate tampering in elections

and now he’s successfully defended challenges to his state’s ban on corporate
contributions all the way through the Montana Supreme Court.

Now, members of Progressives United are joining with members of Democracy for
America to call on state attorneys general across the country to do the same and
protect our democracy by supporting strong campaign finance laws.

Help states fight back against
Citizens United. Sign Democracy for America’s petition telling your
attorney general to champion sensible campaign finance laws

Applying our pressure to state attorneys general has worked for progressives

When the Obama administration and attorneys general in some states wanted to
reach a settlement with Wall Street over allegations of fraud, thousands of
members of Progressives United called their offices. The final settlement
agreement, though not nearly good enough, was not as bad as it might have

You can be that powerful voice again, and the impact we can have state by
state is potentially huge. There’s already plenty of money in federal races, but
just a few thousand dollars here and there can be enough to swing some races for
state assemblies and state senates.

Help stanch the flow of unlimited cash that will do devastating damage,
starting in Michigan.

Sign Democracy for America’s petition to
get your attorney general to champion common sense campaign finance

Thanks for uniting as a progressive,

Russ Feingold
Progressives United

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