28 Jun

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US Supreme Court upholds ‘Obamacare’

Highest court says landmark legislation extending health care to millions of Americans survives as a tax.
Last Modified: 28 Jun 2012 14:35 GMT

Explosion rocks Syrian capital

State TV says two bombs exploded outside the Palace of Justice in central Damascus, but no casualties are reported.
Last Modified: 28 Jun 2012 12:04 GMT

Middle East

Colorado wildfire sparks mass evacuation

 More than 30,000 forced from homes amid struggle to contain US state’s biggest natural disaster in decades.

Recognition battle over Jesus’ birthplace

Dalia Hatuqa28 Jun 2012 14:41 GMT
Upcoming UNESCO vote on whether to add Church of Nativity in Bethlehem to world heritage list likely to be contentious.

Arctic sea-ice levels at record low for June

Actic sea iceScientists say that the latest observations suggest that Arctic sea ice cover is continuing to shrink and thin

US court upholds EPA’s greenhouse gas rules

A coal-fired plant near Selby
The ruling upholds the underpinnings of the Obama administration’s push to regulate carbon dioxide emissions

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