11 Jul

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Thousands in Cairo protest high court ruling

President’s supporters gather in Tahrir Suare after top court freezes decree to reinstate Islamist-led parliament.
Last Modified: 11 Jul 2012 06:10 GMT

Middle East

Bosnia mourns victims of Srebrenica massacre

More than 500 newly identified victims to be buried on anniversary of worst mass murder in Europe since World War II.
Last Modified: 11 Jul 2012 07:29 GMT


In Depth

Al-Qusayr: FSA’s biggest victory in months

James Bays11 Jul 2012 12:15 GMT
Our correspondent travels with the Free Syrian Army as they capture most of an important town in Homs province

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Simeon Tegel: A record drought in northern Mexico has prompted warnings that the region’s climate may have changed for good.

Melinda Gates challenges Vatican by vowing to improve contraception

By Joanna Moorhead

Catholic philanthropist predicts women in Africa and Asia will soon ignore church teaching on birth control.

Melinda Gates: ‘I’m a Catholic, but women need access to contraceptives’ – video interview

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Climate change could trap hundreds of millions in disaster areas, report claims

The climate of the climate change debate is changing

Quantifying how greenhouse gases contribute to extreme weather is a crucial step in calculating the cost of human influence

Myles Allen

This week, climate change researchers were able to attribute recent examples of extreme weather to the effects of human activity on the planet’s climate systems for the first time. Photograph: Rizwan Tabassum/AFP/Getty Images

The climate may have changed this week. Not the physical climate, but the climate of the climate change debate. Tuesday marked the publication of a series of papers examining the factors behind extreme weather events in 2011. Nothing remarkable about that, you might think, except, if all goes well, this will be the first of a regular, annual assessment quantifying how external drivers of climate contribute to damaging weather.

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