30 Aug

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Morsi criticises Syria at Tehran meeting

Syrians walk out after Egypt’s president calls for “solidarity with struggle” against “oppressive regime” at NAM summit.

Last Modified: 30 Aug 2012 14:19 GMT

Middle East

Pakistan court delays blasphemy case hearing

 Lawyer challenges validity of medical report putting age of Christian girl accused of burning part of Quran at 14.
Last Modified: 30 Aug 2012 14:34 GMT

Central & South Asia

Tracking the effects of climate change

As the ice retreats, a crucial environment is literally disappearing into the sea.

The abortion war

Fault Lines

Fault Lines investigates the forces behind the so-called war on women in the US.

Infographic: Palestinian homes demolished

 30 Aug 2012 17:27 GMT

 Report by an Israeli non-governmental organisation says 2011 was a record year for Palestinian displacement.

Scientist backs discovery of Higgs boson ‘God particle’

Professor Rolf Heuer, said he would “stick his neck out” and say it had been found.

US economy

They built that: how a Republican lie turned into an alternate universe

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