03 May

A McGlynn Moment, Labor for Sale and Democracy Spring


The McGlynn

Dissident Voice: a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and social justice

Labor for Sale

Steel and glass
automaton fitted
with fiberglass dreams

Billows out economic
slaves in the name
of green backs
and consumption

Broken backs
and cracked hopes
gives rise to bitter mornings

Scramble for food
and coffee and then
the drive to that unholy
graveyard where the real
you goes to die

Old, grime-ridden toys
dot your basement,
reminiscent of a time
when life didn’t
have you in a vice
around the throat

Another day, another
dead dream within
the pile of refuse
that was once called


Democracy Spring

Gathered by the hundreds
to make change happen

Sanctifying the revolution
and revolving what is sanctified

Dancing on the edge
of a serrated knife

Only to make you see
that things aren’t all right

Facing jail time and adversity
and still coming together

Sweat, blood, and tears
shed to make a better tomorrow

Will you see them?
Or will you cower in indifference

Like so many before you?

Adam Levon Brown is a poet residing in Eugene, Oregon. He enjoys the outdoors and playing with cats. You can contact him via his blog at Read other articles by Adam Levon.

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