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This is the home of We hope to encourage and assist those seeking to challenge the prevailing disorder in American political life. Although this site does serve a number of purposes, some of which are to entertain, its chief purpose is to uplift and further the avowedly democratic challenge to the current tyranny which has taken root in the United States of America. We strongly believe, as Thomas Jefferson knew so well, that the encouragement of open debate is the true guarantor of Democracy. We further believe that in order to regain and secure our rights as citizens of the United States we are obligated to both inform ourselves and dissent when necessary. In order to recover what is truly great about this country and its peoples we must now dissent and openly disavow the reckless and willful violation of the lives of so many in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East.


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John McGlinn

Dick: I cannot tell you how much I admire your courage and tenacity in providing this web site. I have just completed reading it ALL and I am shaken to the core. What can I do besides vote the current group out? Even then, my politics are neither liberal all the way or conservative. In my mind the next election is still about choosing between two evils. I don’t trust our politicians one iota. Today is all about buying influence and I don’t have even a down payment to compete in the game…Best….John


Brilliant Site ! Thanks, I have bookmarked you.

Peter Michaelson

I met Joe McGlynn today at the Coffee Bean in Plymouth, and he told me about your website.
I live in Plymouth (since last summer)and I write articles for the progressive websites, and You can see some of my writing by googling
Peter Michaelson BuzzFlash
I like your website, and would like to meet with Plymouth residents who are making such a fine contribution to peace and sanity in the country and the world.
I am also a psychotherapist. My email is, and my phone number is 734-414-9406.
Peter Michaelson
480 N. Evergreen St.
Plymouth, MI

Curt Wechsler

Dear Mary,

I hope you don’t mind that I posted your “TORTURE AMERICA” piece to our website; very fine, I wanted to share.


Curt Wechsler
coordinator, FIRE JOHN YOO
steering, WORLD CAN’T WAIT

V L Thomas

I am so glad that Conservatives outnumber you and your America-hating ilk:

Go live in Europe with the rest of the bankrupt, socialist progressives. Oh, wait, we have those here. Silly me. Better yet, go live in Mexico (you apparently love that country judging by the flag you have posted) or go help the Palestinians shoot rockets at Israeli civilians. Let me guess, you don’t the think the Holocaust happened, right?

There’s a resurgence taking place, all right…but it’s not Liberalism. Take note of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling…and watch what happens this November.

I KNOW you won’t post this. Liberals are well known for their intense dislike of dissenting opinions.


Dear V. L. Thomas,

I’m the son of the honorable gentleman who publishes this website.

My father is a deeply learned man who loves his country enough to object to policies that, when conducted in the name of the United States, are not worthy of our role in the world or our espoused ideals.

I can assure you that he indeed knows of the horrors of the Holocaust. And, although he is not of Jewish descent, he joins with many Jews who decry the systemic mistreatment of the Palestinians by the state of Israel. He wants the bombs to stop on both sides, but certainly – and logically – appeals to the stronger and more avaricious of the two to lead the way.

I believe the flag my father posted is an Irish one, with a coat-of-arms that I don’t recognize. It is a different coat-of-arms than found on the Mexican flag. It has the same color-bar scheme for both countries, so I suppose that is why you venture your criticism.

I’m a little puzzled by your blanket attacks on Mexico and the countries of Europe. Are you trying to say that they are worse off than we are, and therefore they are intrinsically bad? That in itself is debatable, but if we took your logic and applied it, say, to the Germany of the late 1930s, a country recovering strongly under the leadership of the Nazi Party from protracted depression while the United States (bankrupt capitalist progressives) and other countries of the world lagged behind, then your conclusion would be that the Germany of “Deutchland Uber Alles” was superior and therefore a model for the rest of us.

If we step further along with your logic, then China, with its currently burgeoning economy, is the real bright light of the world and we should all adopt its political and social systems.

Or perhaps what you’re trying to say is that, whatever it does, America is the best and the greatest and the rest of the world should be glad for its existence. And that you won’t brook any criticism of its policies or actions, at home or abroad. No matter what. If so, I would like to introduce you to two English terms, accompanied by dictionary meanings:

1) jingoism = Extreme nationalism characterized especially by a belligerent foreign policy; chauvinistic patriotism

2) xenophobia = Hatred or fear of foreigners or strangers or of their politics or culture

You see, V. L. Thomas, without the balance provided by thoughtful men who try, even at the risk of the enmity and censure of popular opinion, to offer critical analysis of their country’s policies, the scale tips invariably toward xenophobia and jingoism.

What is particularly remarkable about these rare personalities is that they will defend to the death your right to criticize them.

It’s one of the many reasons I’m proud of my father.

Think about it.

Sincerely yours,

Pancha Tattva dasa


Oh, Pancha, brilliant!

John McGlinn

Dick: I’m not sure where the moral compass comes from in some of these blogs, but it’s there even if covered by the camoflage of what appears (at times to me) to be an agnostic or aetheistic philosophy. Jesus taught what you and your readers expound upon as did many others. I believe that Jesus is God and as Thomas Merton would proscribe, there are many fingers pointing to the unknown God. If your readers disagree, no matter, it’s all a matter of faith anyway. You know I love you, cousin and sometimes grieve that the most active branch of our tribe is divided on this concept (except dear, sweet Elaine.) We can agree to disagree, however, and at this wonderful time of year, I am wishing the entire clan McGlynn or McGlinn the very best of the promises of Jesus.

Eugene Mc Glynn

I feel I should point out in all likelihood the revolutionary war was orchestrated and arranged by the British familes whom today still call the shots. Kennedy and Eisenhower are in all likelihood the only two presidents freely elected. The rest has been selected.
Tyranny gas always run rampant in the USofA… It’s just in recent years the tyrants haven’t cared who knows.

Thus I fear your goals are dreams, but we all dream.

George Hastings

Dick, I think that it’s your 85th birthday today. (Am I right?) Congrats on 85 years of fighting the good fight. I have admired you and Elaine since i was 18 years old. (Ironically, last year I took another Ed Pierce campaign veteran to dinner on his 85th birthday–Mike Berla, who was also Wes Vivian’s top aid in Congress).

I am retiring from the Federal Gov on July 31. You and Elaine are invited to a big retirement party at the historic Dolly Madison House in DC on July 28.

I do not have an email address for you. Please send me yours at my email address above.

LOve to you and Elaine and the whole clan, George


Happy Birthday! and grateful to see that these posts keep coming as strong as ever. themcglynn, a great fighter, fighting the good fight and never, never giving up!

Happy Birthday Dad and many, many happy returns of the day!

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