05 Jan

America’s Past

Will Americans understand that when they choose their next President they will be determining not only the course of their country’s future but that of the lives of countless millions who dwell beyond their borders? Watching the recent news broadcasts that have focused on the Iowa caucus and that have been aired on news stations like CNN and the BBC around the world, one is left in no doubt about the answer to this question. American voters are largely uninfluenced by and oblivious of the interests of those whom their country’s foreign policy most directly affects. This sad fact cannot be laid at the feet of the American electorate alone but must be answered by the way in which both the supposedly independent news media and government spokespeople address the question of the people’s interest. Although it is true to say that as American citizens, Americans must be interested in America’s concerns, it might be suggested that if Americans were to look to their own interests and properly determine what these are, they might find that their own interests and the interests of those dwelling beyond their borders are not that dissimilar. Perhaps they would include amongst their own interests that of a safe home, a secure family, sufficient food, and the right and ability to determine their own future. If this were the case and they could be encouraged to know the true nature of the lives of millions living beyond their borders, in destitution and poverty, in hopelessness and despair, in regimes that have been supported, maintained and often led by the dictates of a US foreign policy that claims to act on the behalf of US citizens, they might recognize a terrible hypocrisy, a terrible irony. They might then ask themselves: Is it necessary that in order to maintain our interests, in order to secure our livelihood and quality of life, we must deny to those millions upon millions living beyond our borders, the safety and security that we demand for ourselves. They might then answer “no”; it is not necessary that in securing ourselves we must desecrate and destroy the lives of others. They might say that we, as Americans, have taken unto ourselves from the very beginning of this nation, the lives of the destitute and poor, the helpless and the downtrodden, and made them one of us. They might remember their own greatness and return to the Presidency an individual capable of knowing the truth of America’s past in order to recover America’s present.


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