10 Oct

An educated person knows crap when they see it


An educated person knows crap when they see it

Margaret, I’ve never been one to hold my tongue and that’s not going to change now. Hillary couldn’t say it because she understands the office she aspires to hold. I, however, am not running for President. And therefore…

Donald Trump, you fat-ass, lying son-of-a-bitch. Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to give you or anyone else an explanation for her husband’s behavior anymore than Ivana, Marla or Melania need to explain yours. The idea of sexual assault that you promoted is not a distraction. It is an extremely important issue and to suggest otherwise tells me everything I need to know about you. You are the worst kind of man. You are a man who objectifies and belittles women. For God’s sake you thought it was funny that another man called your daughter a piece of ass.

William Jefferson Clinton is not on the ballot. Hillary Clinton is your opponent. And tonight she grabbed you by your tiny little Johnson and effectively ended this election. You will never be President. Bless your heart,  no matter how much you demean and belittle women, karma is about to be a bitch for you because women will be the reason you fail.

And Mike Pence, you are the worst kind of politician because you wrap yourself in your sanctimonious religious beliefs to legislate your will on others until your religion gets in the way. Then you conveniently kick it to the curb. Suddenly, now you are back on the Trump Train? So 24 hours is all it takes for you to dismiss  sexual assault?  As a reminder Mike, he said he can grab women by the pussy anytime he wants.  If that is what goes on in locker rooms then men should be ashamed. And for the record, Donald doesn’t look like he’s seen the inside of a locker room in decades.

Welcome to your new hell, Mike. Let us know how much you like being forced to carry something to term against your will.  Check for a heartbeat, dear.  You’ll find that Donald doesn’t have one.

The Republican party brought this upon themselves.  They spent decades convincing their base that government is evil, forgetting the whole time that they are a part of that government.  As a result,  the base gave you Trump and now you and all of us are stuck with him.

Donald, throwing your opponent in jail is classic dictatorship. No wonder you admire Putin so much.  You want to be just like him.  You are aware that the President can’t force his will on the people, aren’t you?  You don’t get to toss people you don’t like in jail.  You don’t even get to grab women by the pussy.

The bullshit that comes out of your mouth is astounding. You can’t even keep your insults straight.  After months of claiming Hillary doesn’t have the stamina to be President, you ended the debate by talking about how much you admire that she never gives up and she is a fighter.  I am convinced your constant sniffling is a result of years sniffing glue. That seems to be the only explanation for the bizarre, nonsensical, disconnected stream of words that fall out of your mouth.  No one has more respect for women??? He said that.  No one?  Clearly anyone who doesn’t forcefully grab them by the pussy has more respect and I am pretty damn sure that would be the majority of humanity.

This November the American people need to leave Donald Trump and Mike  Pence on the ash heap of history where they belong.  And please, for the love of God, let’s put Corey Lewandowski there too. I mean it.  Really.

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