24 Jun

Autism Petition for Michigan Residents


Please Sign the Petition

Lisa: This is our son Logan, it’s been a long road with us also, just getting Logan diagnosed.  It took me three years to find a doctor who would, would diagnose him.  We’ve been denied physical therapy, speech therapy, he’s nine years old and does not speak and insurance companies will not cover speech therapy for him.  We’ve also done some of the techniques that Shelby had done that also weren’t covered by insurance companies that helped him tremendously.  We can qualify for no type of aid for him at all.  But he… everyday is a struggle with him but he…he… we want him (holding back tears)


A very proud grandfather and his autistic boys.


I thought you might be interested in showing your support for legislation that will end the discrimination of autism by health insurance companies.

Autism affects at least 12,166 children in Michigan between the ages of 3 and 21, yet health insurance companies continue to turn their backs on a generation of Michigan’s children by refusing to cover autism treatments.

You can help countless families across Michigan by joining my fight to require health insurance companies to cover autism care.

Join me in signing an online petition calling for action in the state legislature.

Please Sign the Petition

You can also go here to find more information on the plan and sign the petition to show your support for our plan to force health insurance companies to step up to the plate and provide coverage for this debilitating disease

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Dad, I signed the petition and I love the picture of you with the twins.

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