30 Sep

Autistic Kids & Their Loved Ones Take On Sharron Angle

by atdnext

(Also at Nevada Progressive)

All of a sudden, Sharron Angle‘s campaign is shocked, just SHOCKED!, that real Nevada families are horrified by her dismissal of “autism”.

The McGlynn: As a grandfather of two beautiful grandsons, twins, who are autistic, let me put a message in plain English to Sharron Angle, “Go To Hell!”


Doctors, nurses, and parents of autistic children are demanding an apology from Sharron Angle after some comments the Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate made about autism. […]

The group that gathered at a local obgyn’s office on Thursday was reacting to a video posted on You-Tube of a Tea Party speech Angle made a year ago.

Angle spoke against mandated health care, and appeared to focus on coverage for autism and pregnant women. Some parents in the group that met Thursday were offended by her comments.  Others said they felt Angle didn’t have enough information.

Jan Crandy is among a group of advocates who helped create a Nevada law mandating health care coverage for the treatment of Autism. She said, “I want anybody running for office to really be educated about the issues. To take the time to be educated on the issues before you make comments to know, that by covering autism today, they’re saving billions of dollars in the future.”

And they had nothing but typical canned attacks when they were asked to respond to these real families speaking out…


And this uncovering of what Angle is really saying when she talks about “things we don’t even really need”…


And this revelation of what Angle is really slandering…


So what was she really bashing? These fine folks in Reno put a face on it.

Parents of children with autism are fighting mad at comments made by Senate candidate Sharron Angle. The parents met at a round table discussion called by Assem. David Bobzien, (D) District 24, Wednesday morning in Reno.

Bobzien was among numerous state lawmakers who sponsored Assembly Bill 162 at last year’s session, which provides for insurance coverage for expensive– but effective– autism treatments.

At a 2009 Tea Party Express rally in Winnemucca, Angle told the crowd that high insurance rates can be blamed in part on coverage for autism treatment and maternity leave.

“Everything they want to throw at us is covered under ‘autism’,” Angle said, making quotation marks around the word ‘autism’ with her fingers. “How about maternity leave? I’m not going to have any more babies, but I sure get to pay for it on my insurance. Those are the kinds of things we want to get rid of.”

“I was frankly really taken aback by the comments she made,” said Bobzien. “This was a piece of legislation supported by almost every member of both the Assembly and the Senate.” He said he is afraid that if Angle is elected, AB 162 will be repealed, leaving parents without the ability to pay for necessary treatments.

“I am outraged by Sharron Angle and the comments she has made,” said Herah Osborne, whose 7-year-old twins have been diagnosed with autism. “[And] the fact that she didn’t educate herself about Assembly Bill 162.”

Several parents who attended the meeting took a copy of the 2008 report on autism, compiled by the Autism Coalition of Nevada, to Angle’s Reno office.

And all of a sudden, Sharrontology is miffed that these autistic kids and their families are fighting back.

Sharron Angle’s offensive and damaging remarks about autism concern us all. By claiming that individuals and families “falsely label other symptoms as autism” in order to take advantage of insurance mandates, she damages the effort for full inclusion and civil rights of Autistic Americans, both young and old. We call on her to apologize for the insensitivity of her remarks and for the failure to recognize the legitimate health care needs of both the autism and maternity communities.

And in case you had forgotten what Sharrontology said, here’s a reminder.

And here’s what it means. It means Sharrontology doesn’t think the insurance companies have to cover autism care… Or for that matter, care for pregnant women or cancer screenings or any kind of health care that the insurance industry would rather not cover. After all, she feels it’s more important that they pad their profits than we get the care we need. She thinks it’s more important that her big money “Tea Party, Inc.” California consultant patrons score political points than any of us get the care we need.

After all, who are these kids to her? Apparently, just quotation marks.

What’s health care policy to her? Apparently, just something to twist and distort and lie about to try to win higher office.

Who are we to her? Apparently, what’s holding her back from taking her extremist agenda to Washington.

But don’t forget, we can stop her and her extreme agenda. Just as these brave families are fighting back, so can we! It’s bad enough that all the autistic kids and their families here in Nevada have been under attack like this thanks to Sharron Angle and her teabagger extremist pals. We don’t have to subject them to any more of this garbage, and we certainly don’t have to give her a national platform to cause even more pain and suffering!

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