12 Mar

Beck Charges The McGlynn as The Root of Subversion of the Country


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John McGlinn Jr.

Dick: We may have our differences, but I stand solidly beside you in wanting to eliminate war. You can’t be Pro life and condone killing for any reason, I just don’t have the solution other than eliminating poverty and instilling justice throughout the world: but I don’t even know where to start on that agenda. As for Glenn Beck: I think of him as “a flea on an elephant’s ass with rape on his mind”, but a dangerous flea that an uninformed electorate will listen to. In my mind he is worse than Rush limbaugh and that is saying something. How he gets the bully pulpit and other more centrist positions are not allowed the same privlege is beyond me. Anyway if Glenn questions your citizenship just know that their are thousnds out there beside you in this fight…..Best ….John “The Leavenworth Express”

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