16 Mar

Bernie Sanders For The People

Bernie Sander is the only candidate who truly fights for the people! He has been consistent, and the first to stand up for what’s right. He is the one who knocks. He listens to the people, and thinks carefully morally and methodically about his decision. He has fought for us and it time to let him lead us!

The McGlynn:

Trump supporters,  Sanders never advocated for pure socialism, just as he never advocated for pure capitalism. It’s not a jab to say, do you like your roads, Fire dept, police, schools, social security, unemployment when you’re looking for a new job, etc etc. Not to mention our military. Do you want someone who is actually looking to keep the big money, special interest groups out of our government and giving we the people our rights to what legislation is being written?

You sure are supporting the wrong one. Trump the Dump is a vicious dictator.

Right now we have corporate lobbyist literally writing legislation up and handing it to our legislators to sign along with a fat check to help them get re-elected. This is not a government of, by and for the people. Sanders knows this.

Trump lied to ALL of us about what kind of people he would appoint to his cabinet. Some of them the same people who caused the 2008 recession and got the bailouts.

The EPA was first established because of a major oil spill and has since tried. before Trump,  to protect our rights for clean air, water and earth. Fossil fuels are not going to be here forever and the sickening dependency on Saudi Arabia to keep fuel prices low, have an evil hand in thwarting America from actually being a true leader in human rights and not having any sway of the greed that keeps our true identity from shining.

The  America’s biggest goal in securing our future for generations to come is to defeat climate change. We stand to make billions of jobs with a federal program pushing for it. Our health, from the air we breathe to the water we drink and the earth we live on, AND our economic livelihood depends on it. Think of our children and grandchildren. Please wake up!

The greed of the big corporations and their steady power grab of our government over decades, has been wanting to destroy all of what we the people have a right to, only to further their bottom line.

Overseas tax havens and the corporate loopholes to slave labor abroad, have decimated our economy. There is no such thing as free. It’s about fair representation, checks and balances and the rights of the American worker, where there is an equal voice in government. Bernie is fighting for it. He was never against capitalism. He’s against the imbalance of corporate power over our government.

We need to end Citizens United keeping big money special interests from bribing our elected officials, Reinstall a modern day Glass Steagal Act, keeping the banking system from screwing us over. Invest in our economy from the bottom up with green jobs tied in with our infrastructure, instead of giving the already wealthy and big corporate more money to do nothing but buy their own stock back and not increase the wages of the common folk. I

And do much more.

The Senator

The McGlynn

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