30 May

Bernie Sanders Pre-Rally Meeting Bakersfield CA.


Yesterday a farmworker in tears said “We love you Bernie, we really do”. Here’s why.

By pensando

They don’t mention the real issues that affect out lives on MSM or Google News.

Not only in Flint: Bakersfield and Kern County water is poisoned by nitrates and fracking.  The people can’t drink it but have to pay for it anyway.

Farmworkers who pick berries for the Driscoll company all up and down the west coast in the USA and Mexico, from Washington state through California and Baja California, are striking against subhuman wages and treatment.  They want us to Boycott Driscoll, they want Costco and Whole Foods to stop carrying their products.

Although farm work exposes thousands to pesticides and injuries, clinics and services to workers are being slashed.  In some cases the employers force workers to report to company doctors.   These “doctors” send injured workers back to the fields, telling them there’s nothing wrong with them.

This is real life and issues that are important to Californians, farmworkers, and rural communities across the west coast.

Only one candidate is talking about it and prepared to do something.

I’m a farmworker.  We want you to watch this and learn about us as Bernie took the time to do yesterday in Bakersfield.

This is not just an election campaign.  There’s no end date.  It won’t stop.

This is a movement of working people and our allies.  We’re of all races, sexes, ages, religions, and origins.  We’re uniting together and we’re going to change this country.

As one farmworker said eloquently and tearfully at the meeting, we love you Bernie!  Please watch the video:

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