Peace Campaign Sites

Campaign Sites To Stop The War

You will find listed below a number of websites which make a considerable contribution to the anti-war movement. This is not a comprehensive list by any means but does contain some of the more significiant sites. If you would like to add a site to this listing please contact us by clicking here.

101 Ways to Stop the War on Iraq

List compiled by environmental site EarthFuture.

Alternative Resoucres on “The War Against Terror”

Alternative News, Analysis, and Commentary

Americans Against Bombing

Conservative/libertarian coalition opposed to US bombing in the Middle East and Kosovo.

American Friends Service Committee

Multi-faith organisation established by the Quakers in 1917, backing peace building.


Site devoted to keeping tabs on George Bush.

Cities for Peace

Coalition of local elected officials and citizens in US cities encouraging people to email city councils and pass a resolution against the war.

Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Campaign urging people to sign a statement opposing war on Iraq.

Code pink for peace

Group of women organising vigils for peace and calling for a campaign of civil disobedience if war begins in Iraq.

Food Not Bombs

Volunteer organization dedicated to nonviolence.

Fellowship of Reconciliation USA

Nonviolent interfaith group set up in 1915.

Harrass the Brass

Anti-military newspaper produced byradical US soldiers in Vietnam.

Website of the author of Stupid White Men.


A nationwide network of more than 600,000 online activists working to support US citizens in finding their political voice.

Not in Our Name

Group of artists and activists inspiring protest and resistance to the US government’s course in the wake of September 11.

Peace Action

Grassroots peace group.

Ploughshares Fund

Group providing resources to stop the weapons of war, from nuclear arms to landmines.

September 11th families for peaceful tomorrows

An advocacy organisation founded by family members of September 11 victims, seeking effective non-violent responses to terrorism.


Anti-war christian ministry.

Grassroots education and advocacy project founded by Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s.

United for Justice and Peace

National campaign that brings together a broad range of organisations throughout the US to help coordinate protest against war on Iraq.

Veterans for Common Sense

Group of war veterans who argue they must play a key role in the public debate over national security issues.

Veterans for Peace

A nonprofit organisation dedicated to the abolition of war founded by ex-service members in 1985.

A non-political, educational campaign against war and racism and in support of grassroots democracy, including teach-ins, conferences, local and regional events.

Vote to Impeach

Site calling for people to vote electronically to impeach George Bush.

Win Without War

A coalition of national organisations advocating alternatives to pre-emptive war in Iraq.

Who Dies for Bush Lies?

Created by the Committee to Unsell the War to put the case against war on Iraq.

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