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CDC quietly revises autism rates to 1% of US children

September 26, 12:23 PMLA Special Needs Kids Examiner
Tina Cruz

Center for Disease Control (CDC) reportedly revised the rates of autism for the United States and the numbers are alarming.  In 2007, the reported numbers were 1 in 150.  Today, those numbers have skyrocketed to 1 in 100, and some say the numbers are closer to 1 in 89.  According to David Kirby, the data is due to be released any day now.

Corroboration of this number has been tough to find, with much circular logic, pointing to blog posts who point back to his blog.  According to Lee Grossman, CEO for Autism Society of America, and quoted by Kirby, that number is correct.

When I tried to verify the numbers, the CDC still lists the 2007 statistics of 1 in 150 in their official report, the new report has not been released)  but the numbers on the webpage have been modified to reflect  “1 in 100 to 1 in 300 with an average of 1 in 150” for prevalence in autism.  The last modification that was made to the page was September 25, 2009. When I checked the internet archives, for earlier cached versions of the page, it was odd that the data page was missing from the archive. But Google cache revealed the subtle refinement of the details. As of yesterday morning, the website was changed to reflect the new numbers.  It is interesting that the modification occurred yesterday, Friday, the day traditionally known for burying news that the media doesn’t publicize. I don’t want to say there is a conspiracy, but why hide the data?  Is the CDC trying to bury these numbers?   Why isn’t the media shouting this from the rooftops?  Exactly how common does autism have to get in order to get the attention, research and funding for programs it needs?

According to the numbers David Kirby cites from a 2007 telephone interview  of almost 82,000 children conducted by National Survey of Children’s Health (NSCH), which is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the US Department of Health and Human Services, your odds of being told you have a child with autism is a staggering 1 in 63.  If that child is a boy, odds skyrocket to 1 in 38. That’s 2.6% of all male children in the United States.  Is this possible?

Further, the report goes on to state that parents told researchers that “60 per 10,000 children had autism at some point but not currently.” My thought on this telephone survey is, were these children officially diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or is this parents who are finding quirky children and giving them the self-diagnosis du-jour?  Of course, even accounting for that trend, the numbers are still incredibly high.

How much worse does it have to get?  If 1 in 38 boys was born blind or with no legs, would we do something then?  If 1 in 63 children was diagnosed with cancer, would we be moving heaven and earth to find out what is causing the epidemic?  Would we be studying every avenue, leaving no stone unturned, simply on the word of a few?  Or would we use all of science at our disposal, creating studies without exclusions, leaving out our biases and using every available tool that we have?

We don’t know what causes these children to have autism.  It is probably a complicated set of factors.  But at what point do we start researching as though we really want to figure it out?  Whether vaccinations are part of the puzzle or not, who knows? Can thousands of parents be wrong?  It is just good science to actually explore the possibility. That is, if scientists really want to conduct science.  To date, no study with real controls for vaccinations has been done.  Is it that hard?

What does the CDC not want us to find out?

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Donna Young, birth researcher since 1998

Sent to:

Nov. 21, 2009, 7:33 AM

Hello. I am a birth researcher, since 1998. This is volunteer work. Yes, there are many covered-up contributing factors of the various autisms, some of them permanent impairments.

I have found the autism groups in Canada and the USA are being controlled to block investigation going back to the care of the infant at birth. They are protecting doctors from being a contributing cause by exploiting the newborn infants by their one training in “ACTIVE MANAGEMENT.” Active management uses drugs, and technical machinery. They are all alleged for the benefit of either the mother or the fetus. This is not necessarily true. Following the birth the infants are more commonly then not early umbilical cord clamped, or their umbilical cords hand-squeezed off for a demonstration purpose to medical students for a period of 10 or 20 seconds, then the cord is released to allow the infant to regain a normal blood infusion of oxygenated blood and to release the build-up of carbon dioxide in their internal blood supply. The early cord clamping imposed, more commonly than not, as an element of surprise is being done while the placenta is in the womb and the cord is yet pulsating. The evidence of fact is that up to 60 percent more blood will go into the infant if the cord is not clamped while pulsating and afer the placenta is allowed to be birthed. Ref. The Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, page 1161, 7th edition, 2001.

The early cord clamping can be followed with test of the infant’s internal blood and they will be found anemic. Just a drop of blood will reveal lowered red cells, low white cells, low platelets. The infant can be tested and found lowered in oxygen content (to the brain and central nervous system), and lowered in volume and pressure to all cells. The amount of blood left or trapped in the placenta is sought by the institution where the birth took place. It is drained or syringed out of the placenta and the cord by the nursing staff. The blood is then called residual blood, extra blood, not necessary blood to the benefit of the infant or infants and it is sold. It is sent to the centrifugal machinery and separated in various components of blood or suspensions in the whole blood. Stem cells may sell for up to or over $30,000.00 a collected unit. The other suspensions of hormones and speciality enzymes are also sold. The red cells mature, the red cells immature with the nucleus yet in them are sold. The white cells that fight infections are sold. The speciality germ fighter, interferon is sold. The platelets are sold. The plasma, the water solution is sold.

The babies are the waste product, worth of their delivery fee, if a c-section about $10,000.00. The selling off their placenta blood is what this is really all about of Active Management, the only method of teaching allowed by the expert groups, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, according to the yet taught Bulletin for directing instant umbilical cord clamping to the university training hospitals. This is Bulletin #216, November 1995, yet evident being taught to the USA medical professional groups, and it has been taken world wide. Canada yet follows the trends set in the United States. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC), directed to be routinely done on most Canadian babies, instant umbilical cord clamping, in their Policy #89 May 2000. SOGC used ACOG’s bulletin as a being a directive. SOGC knew the anemic conditions caused all infants of any early cord clamping imposed as the discretion of their medical groups, and the babies were yet anemic months later after early or what they called delayed cord clamping, ranging from 30 seconds, and up, but imposed of no true informed consent prior to the placenta being birthed.

The references of fact of weaker infants dates back to 1801, the baby will be weaker as more blood will be trapped in the placenta if the cord is tied while the umbilical cord is yet pulsating.

The medical groups, the experts will not tell the mothers of their legal right to a signed birth contract of no cosmetic cord tying or clamping or cutting off the cord. This is primal natural birth choice and a right. This is the method of care of most persons living today who are past 90 years of age who were home births or rural births. In those births there were no operative cutting off the foreskins, or early cord tying before the completion of the birth. If the cord was tied and cut, it was done by rinsing off the string with boiled water followed with iodine and rinsed off cord (cooled boiled salted water) and where the cord would be tied off iodine was used, and where cut. Care was to be taken not to get any of these solutions on the baby’s delicate skin.

If the cosmetic removal of the cord was desired (many pioneers left the placenta and cord to fall away naturally, today, called Lotus Birth, if the blood is not taken for any blood samples), there was then no blood infections or germs attacking the baby’s brain or central nervous system. The baby was not caused to be anemic, as they can be tested and found today, unless given a blood top up, after early cord clamping was the policy of the institution. The pioneer’s baby was healthy with all its immunities in its blood system, and cells, of that home’s environment. The infants were not quickly injected with mercury elements found in most if not all Heb B injections, a disease spread by sexual indiscretions. That is the difference of brain quality of such pioneers, yet living today, if they take in no mercury in vaccinations. Brain disorders are not normal aging procedures, they are believed chemical attacks on the brain cells. This is true of the children today living with various forms of brain impairments and personality disorders with learning and behavior problems.

These are the cover-up of most autism groups, who seek more and more money from adding to their numbers. They seek a cure and do not bother with prevention as it is too late for their children to benefit by prevention.

Plus, there is the groups failure to want to investigate if STD’s in the baby’s blood stream entering its brain and central nervous system. They seek a cure, again, not prevention. The STD’s result as to today’s immoral appetites of the youth today of wanting multiple sex partners. Sex also includes the desire of drugs. The use of street or legal drugs include one or both sexes experimenting with drugs, like Pot, which is a fat soluble chemical of THC. The education system does not teach which of the products we take into our body, which includes our environments are water or fat soluble and the difference of them. Most chemistry courses do not share this information or nutritionist’s declarations to the public at large.

Testing of the infant’s cells or blood will reveal that the fat soluble elements will pass from the mother’s blood system into the baby’s placenta; and they, as well as water soluble particles, go from the placenta into the baby’s own separate blood stream. It is myth that the placenta has a barrier of all things harmful to the fetus. These elements now in the infant’s internal blood stream and will enter the baby’s brain and other cells. They can cause internal strokes or brain bleeds. Alcohol, water soluble, can pit the baby’s brain. The fat elements may cause strokes, if they are the heavier element of mercury or other metals. Mercury can be both organic or inorganic.

Autism is multi-factored:

So, of course, the increase of autism has many avoidable factors. The delivery doctors are also contributors to weakening the infant by imposing an element of surprise of any early umbilical cord clamping while the placenta is yet in the womb. This is their own choice and they must be held accountable to the policy they voluntarily followed and did not report as child endangering, abuse, and criminal assault and battery.

Each doctor has his/her own discretions that they will keep to themselves. Generally, if asked about cord clamping, they will lie and state it makes no difference to the infant. The measuring out the facts of blood trapped in the cord and the placenta reveals why they had to add to the costs of the revival of the infant with both return of oxygen and blood top ups. The revival of any infant from the side effects of the delivery drugs is always best on the untied or unclamped umbilical cord. The doctors take the child off these means for their own convenience of then reviving the infant or infants. They call for an expert team, which may take several minutes while the child’s brain is getting impaired, or compromised and his/her central nervous system.

Since a medically caused anemic condition is not generally fatal, and infants, for a price, may be revived, doctors, themselves, are not concerned of documenting the anemic condition on the child’s own medical charts. This is part of the cover-up. The Apgar Test Score is not the original score below 7, it will be the revived score, now at 9 or 10. This is a revival score, the parents are then so proud, when they know their baby was being revived, soon after his or her birth. While the baby is yet in recovery, they allow a cosmetic surgery to the boy-children, circumcision. This requires it being done with or without more drugs. This is my theory why boys have more autism then girls, more is done to them. They also require more blood for their metabolism rate then do female children. So they are targeted by their sex for more vulnerability. Many then grow up to attack society of the pain and negligence that happened to them at their time of birth. Girl children also are attacking back. The least able of these children will result in their need of earlier being put in institutions, groups homes or jails, or private homes.

Medical Negligence at the Birth: The midwife, medics, or the doctor’s own decision may be made at the time of birth after reading what blood or hormones asked for financial compensation. The race, color, and blood type and the sex of the child are all taken into consideration when the baby’s placenta and cord blood are sought. The size of the baby and if it is premature are also factors. The premature children offer up more developing blood stem cells. All factors are taken into consideration of the choice of the institution’s teachings, and policies, and trends what their agents are being allowed to do on their premises. This is particularly true at University Training Hospitals, as they are in more need of human tissue for experiments. The individuals who all may be involved will be seeking monetary gain. They seek extra or external billings are allowed them, or their institution for collections of human tissues. Blood is a tissue, transplantable in many forms.

The fact the medical groups are a stakeholder or shareholder to sell human tissue is one thing an Auditor General’s services are needing in this investigation. Tissues are paid for by the various blood banks who may determine at their discretions what financial gains, per suspensions of the human blood are not to be shared in truth to both the natural parents. How was their baby or babies exploited or allowed to be exploited by the medical systems of today, and being allowed to happen, world wide, by the World Health Organization. All such medical groups are controlled by organized business men and women. It may be this simply, sickness for profits. The solution is simply too, Stop Harvesting Babies.

When the site is back up, I share more of my concerns at I have given free articles available at Medical Veritas or Truths, at I have a petition called Protect Babies and Mothers, Too. It is not being signed by the medical groups with their titles beside their names. Fear is present to be identified to stop exploiting the newborn citizens, world wide. The issue is a local community issue. There is where the fight must begin and end to protect all children equally. This is regardless of their home environment, color, race, blood type, or sex of the child, or the social status or marital status or faith of the natural parents.

Hand-squeezing off the pulsating Umbilical Cord for Student Demonstrations:

I do not support any doctor teaching medical students to experiment on another’s child by imposing finger-thumb closing off the pulsating umbilical cord, then releasing and reviving the infant. Saying that, there is some otherwise good data at

I can be contacted for more data at this Email: or calling me, if you must toll free in the USA or Canada at 1-877-782-9223 or my regular telephone is 1-250-782-9223.

Box 504, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H4 Canada

Donna Young

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