23 Mar

Chris Mathews directed to “Stop Talking” and Petitioning – MSNBC Suspend Chris Matthews

Chris Mathews directed to “Stop Talking” during a segment on Bernie Sanders

The McGlynn: I fully agree. SHUT UP!

move on pet

MSNBC Suspend Chris Matthews or Give Bernie Equal Time

Petition by Lauren SteinerTo be delivered to Phil Griffin, President, MSNBC

MSNBC should suspend Chris Matthews, host of Hardball, because of his constant shilling for Hillary Clinton. In every episode of Hardball, in every “exclusive” interview with Clinton, he gives her endless time to make her case, repeats her talking points, gives her softball questions, denigrates Bernie Sanders and his people powered movement and reinforces the narrative that she will be the Democratic nominee. Matthews should be removed from the air for the duration of the campaign or he should be required to give Bernie equal time.

There are currently 17,666 signatures. NEW goal – We need 20,000

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