10 Jul

Congress attacking the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

Dear The McGlynn,

Congress is back in DC this week after the 4th of July recess. And again they’re attacking the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. 

H.Res 246 (and its Senate version, S.Res 120) is yet more legislation designed to undermine the movement for Palestinian rights. And we need to stop it from coming up for a vote.

Compared to previous rounds, this new legislation is watered down to be a “non-binding resolution” written specifically to pass constitutional muster. 

That’s a testament to all our work fending off previous anti-BDS legislation.

But that also means they think they can get away with it. 

Click here to email your Senators and Congressperson. If they’re already signed onto these resolutions ask them to take their names off; if they haven’t signed yet, tell them to keep it that way.

These resolutions would do all kinds of damage: 

  • They’d send a message to Netanyahu that the U.S. is still more concerned with fighting progressive movements for justice than challenging settlements, annexation, and the none-too-subtle creep of fascism in Israel.

  • They would encourage states and municipalities to attack the right to boycott – and give cover to those that already have.

  • And they’d further the destructive myth that Palestinians and Israelis simply need to “sit down together,” ignoring the overwhelmingly imbalanced power dynamics.

Click here to tell your Senators and Congressperson: walk away from H.Res 246/S.Res 120 – it’s bad policy written in bad faith.

This is definitely a difficult task. Paring back the attack on BDS to narrowly respect the First Amendment was a smart political move, and it’s convinced almost 400 representatives and Senators to sign on.

But I still think we can win. We’ve done it before. They’re trying to bring this for a vote now, but they haven’t yet and they don’t need to. 

We can educate the progressive members of Congress who are actually open to learning about what’s wrong with these resolutions, and what a truly progressive platform for equality in Israel/Palestine might be. 

We can show that standing up for the right to boycott is actually something their constituents care about.

But it’s on us to start these conversations. And we have to do it today, because these resolutions could come up for a vote at literally any moment.

Will you click here to defend not just the right to boycott, but the belief that Palestinians should be free?


Beth Miller
Government Affairs Manager

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