attribution: screenshot from video

You have the right to be tasered.

For reasons unknown, Florida police tasered an elderly man who was surrendering and hand his hands up. The scene was captured by a vacationing couple in the car behind them:

An FHP officer tugs on the door handle of the minivan, but it doesn’t open. Finally, it swings wide and an old man with thinning hair and glasses nervously sticks his hands in the air.

“Oh, God,” the woman watching says. “He’s just an old man!”

One officer spins the old man — who appears to be holding a black cell phone — and shouts, “On the ground!”

The other officer, in an FHP hat, shouts either “Let him go!” or “Let it go!” and then deploys his Taser on the man.

The old man can clearly be heard screaming in pain as he falls hard to the concrete, the cell phone dropping from his hand.

“Oh, my God. They tasered him!” the woman gasps in disbelief before asking, “Is he alive?”

The officers then handcuff the old man, who appears to be passed out.

Watch as police taser the elderly man who appears to be surrendering: