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Enough is Enough


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When do you hit the point at which enough is enough?

My name is Melissa and I was torn apart by autism; the fabric of my life was rent into tatters. My son was injured by vaccines … too many, too soon, totally toxic. His life has been stolen and my life as well. I’m not just talking about endlessly caring for a very injured child and what that does to your soul. You see, I was forced to confront that a theory, I had previously scorned as stupid, idiotic, and for the weak –minded was in fact absolute truth. It’s earth shaking to feel the foundations of your life go topsy-turvy. Was I, now, a conspiracy theory, nut-job fool or someone who knew a truth that was being denied and discredited by just about every politician, doctor, and grand poobah out there? Where do you go from there? Well, do you really have a choice? You can bend over and take it, but up to what point. When do you hit the point at which enough is enough?

  • When they make laws that little girls as young as 12 in the state of California can be administered Gardasil vaccines in the school nurses office without permission from the parent or even notification to them so that in the event of a side-effect the parent will know what to say when they get to the ER, (but don’t worry these same girls need a note from mom if they want to go to the tanning salon).
  • When your children’s lunches can be inspected found lacking and denied in favor of chicken nuggets or pink slime burgers?
  • When Genetically Modified Organisms that make their own pesticides (and when eaten by a person, enable your intestines to do so as well) are declared safe for consumption?
  • When parents of newborns have their child removed from their custody because mom requests to have her husband help make the decision to vaccinate said baby with the hepatitis B virus at birth? (said baby could share needles or indulge in reckless sex at any moment)
  • When states allow legislation like AB2109 in California requiring that parents must get ‘permission’ from a doctor in order to philosophically exempt their children from vaccines.
  • When all the money dedicated to researching the cause of autism is wasted on genetic studies and very little is spent on environmental studies. It’s as if they don’t want to find the answer.
  • When the new members of the IACC are not just inappropriate but antagonistic, hostile and aggressive towards the caregivers of children with autism and the old members are mere ‘political appointees’ uncaring and impatiently waiting for the door to revolve.
  • WHEN 1 IN 88 CHILDREN HAS AUTISM and the CDC still won’t recognize it as a PANDEMIC?

I’ve hit my enough is enough point; I did a while back. I decided that no longer could I sit at home and read about the unjust, strange and dangerous events happening to humanity. I decided to take action but then what action? Well, I found the Canary Party.


The Canary Party is a movement created to stand up for the victims of medical injury, environmental toxins and industrial foods by restoring balance to our free and civil society and empowering consumers to make health and nutrition decisions that promote wellness.

Joining the Canary party and working to get their message and mine out there is part of how I am taking action. This was my path but there are so many paths and ways that we can fix this world. Lots of people are already working on lots of projects that promote justice for things that are important to them: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals; fracking; GMOs; children with autism; children with asthma; children with neurological impairments; loved ones with cancer… the list is endless but so are we. Regular folks are out there effecting change in so many ways and it’s working.

  • Like General Motors, after the group Forecast the Facts (folks who want meteorologists to tell the truth about global warming) created a Facebook campaign (they had had enough) that helped to persuade GM not to make their $15 – $20,000 contribution to a think-tank – the Heartland Institute – that denies global warming and is mostly funded by a large anonymous donor.
  • Like Ed Nemeth who is throwing his hat into the political ring and running against Dr. Pan, for District 9 Assembly in California. Dr Pan has proposed a forced vaccination bill (2190) that requires a doctor to sign-off on vaccine waivers. Mr. Nemeth writes that his “daughter suffers because of blind medical bureaucracy which avoidably killed her twice, but could not treat her, despite inexpensive, effective treatments being immediately available. Why punish us with more expensive and difficult hoops requiring time and money we don’t have, only because you already injured our children?” He’d just had enough.
  • Like Molly Crabapple, who “… wanted for some time to make art that dealt with politics. But.. was afraid of being hypocritical, propagandistic or boring. (She says) 2011 taught me that political art was anything but, and it freed me to do the best work of my career. Drawings I made then turned up as protest signs around the country.” (Enough) She describes herself, as, “an NYC artist. I’ve drawn SXSW, Red Bull, The New York Times, Marvel and DC Comics, and my art is in the permanent collection of the New York Historical Society. My graphic novel Straw House is being published by First Second Books.” Molly has created, using Kickstarter, something she calls “Shell Game is an art show about the world financial collapse, and the people who have risen up in protest against it. I’ll create nine giant paintings about the different parts of the collapse and the global movement fighting back (including Goldman Sachs, Greece, and Occupy Wall Street) but filter them through my lens of burlesque, surrealism, satire, and symbolic animals. Then, I’m going to rent a storefront in New York City, rig it out like a gambling parlor, and invite the city and the Internet to check it out for a week. I love her riotous, ironic vision and contributed, just a little, to this Kickstarter.
  • Like another kickstarter that the Tommy Foundation is currently working on, a documentary: “If ever there were a story that embodies the heart of America, it’s the story found in families and individuals affected by autism.

This was the quest of one man who undertook a 40 day and 11,000 mile journey across the American landscape to find the answers for his family and son. (Obviously, he had enough) With interviews that include the widest spectrum of backgrounds – each conducted in the participants’ original language – the film weaves a broad and compelling tapestry across the spectrum of American life in all its faiths, disparities, colors, and cultures. What he learns along the way will change not only his life, but the lives of those he meets, forever. It’s a story about the best days that still lie ahead for our nation, the families, and the people who give America its heart.” Sounded worth supporting so I am, with just what I could contribute.

  • Like, all the Monsanto Moms who stroller brigaded against chemicals.
  • Like, “the over 1,500 beekeepers and anti-GMO protesters (who) marched through the streets of Warsaw, depositing thousands of dead bees on the steps of the Ministry of Agriculture in protest of genetically modified foods and their pesticides which are together largely responsible for the killing off of bees, butterflies, moths and other beneficial pollinators in great numbers.

All these people have just had enough, they ain’t gonna take it anymore!

People of the Earth, if you believe like I do that ENOUGH is Enough. Then, please do something, (legal, of course). Get out there and learn and talk and teach and do.

Here are some ideas:

  • Buy things made by the good guys not the bad guys, read labels.
  • Vote the issues and forget the 2-party sideshow.
  • Learn and share about what is really happening in this world. Read what some of the really wise folks are telling us like,. Read essays and articles that speak from fact and not for partisanship, ego or financial gain.
  • Join with like-minded people and work for change together.
  • Take action on the issues that are important to you and for the people that you honor and love.

I may be sad about my child’s autism but this girl don’t do pitiful and would rather strongly request than beseech. I will be no man’s commodity, bought, sold or traded. I’ve taken the Matrix pill and my eyes are open. I am aware, and trying really hard to be fearless. I’ve got friends that share my burdens and join me in this fight. Together we change this world.

My best, Melissa

Melissa Christopher is co-founder of an inclusive social skills program where children with developmental delays can develop friendships and thrive in a community where they are nurtured and accepted by caring people who understand the importance of recognizing the individual spirit in each person. She is a certified Montessori teacher, a metal artist and a single parent. Melissa finds most joy in being the mother to her beloved son Bowie, one dog, six cats, a frog and seven Indian runner ducks.

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