17 Apr

Equal Pay Day – Al Franken

Dear The McGlynn,

It’s incredible to think that, in the year 2012, we still live in a country
where women get paid less than men for the same work.
That’s what Equal Pay Day is meant to symbolize.  To earn what men
did in 2011 alone, women would have had to keep working all the way until today
— an extra four and a half months.
This is, of course, profoundly unfair.  And it boggles my mind that some
people are willing to ignore this injustice — not to mention its consequences.
After all, if you’re a single mother, equal pay isn’t just about your rights as
a woman — it’s about your ability to provide for your family.
The same thing happened during the recent fight over birth control, when a
lot of politicians proved that they don’t know how contraception works or how
expensive it can be.  That fight was about both a woman’s right to make her own
health care decisions and her ability to stay well without having to pay $100 or
more every month for contraception.
I always think that future generations will look back and wonder how we let
so much inequality happen in this country for so long.  And it makes me remember
that this generation has a duty to erase as much of it as we can while we’re
So, today, in honor of Equal Pay Day, make sure to have at least one
conversation with a friend or co-worker about the fight we’re waging.  .
Thanks for all you do,

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