12 Mar

Escalating aggression marks Trump’s rally rhetoric

Escalating aggression marks Trump’s rally rhetoric

Rachel Maddow Show

The McGlynn: A common and expected occurrence of violence at Donald Trump rallies is now the norm.

Why? Because Trump encourages violence with his right-wing strongman professional wrestling routine. His backers have followed through on his edicts. They have attacked a homeless person who they believed was an “illegal” immigrant, beaten upon a Black Lives Matter protester, and engaged in violent and hostile acts against others who they identify as not part of their tribe.

Republican Party elites are paralyzed by a knot of racism and demagoguery that they both nurtured and created.

Has the thought occurred to any Attorney General, either State or Federal, that the bastard Trump should be arrested and indicted for inciting violence and creating a riot?

Why the hell not?!

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