08 Apr

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US and Russia sign nuclear pact

Treaty signed in Czech Republic limits each country to 1,550 nuclear warheads.

Assessing the nuclear arms treaty
Q&A: New US-Russian nuclear pact
Paving the way to a ‘nuclear-free world’?
The world’s nuclear stockpile
Obama on US-Russia treaty
Obama’s nuclear doctrine




Watch the full, unedited version of the WikiLeaks footage of the 2007 incident here

The US military has said it cannot find its copy of a video showing two helicopters involved in a deadly attack in Baghdad in 2007.

The classified video footage filmed from a helicopter gunsight was released on Monday by Wikileaks, a group that publishes anonymously sourced documents on the internet, and has led to renewed questions about the attack.

US military lawyers are also reviewing the video and, depending on their findings, could reopen an investigation into the incident, Pentagon officials told the Reuters news agency.

The leaked footage that has been widely watched online around the world is the latest twist in a three-year saga that has raised questions about the US rules of engagement in battle and the safety of journalists covering wars.

US military ‘cannot find Iraq tape’


Israel’s Negev ‘frontier’

Palestinian Bedouins dispossessed as Israel ‘develops’ desert region, author says.


How Wikileaks shone light on world’s darkest secrets

How does a website run by just five full-time staff generate so many scoops? Archie Bland investigates

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