04 Dec

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Yemen gave US free rein to attack al-Qaida

WikiLeaks cables reveal deal to let US launch missile attacks but claim it as Yemen’s own work

Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh 


Abbas threatens to dissolve PA

President of Palestinian Authority says he may disband his governing body if peace deal with Israel cannot be agreed.

Israel mulls US settlement deal


Wiki weakens Iran war drive

MJ Rosenberg 03 Dec 2010 15:35 GMT
The Saudi endorsement could be the kiss of death for Netanyahu’s push for a military strike on Iran……………….

Gloomy outlook on climate change


Hundreds of people marched through Mexico City on Friday calling on governments across the world to take urgent action against climate change, as UN climate talks continued in the Mexican city of Cancun.

Meanwhile at the conference, a bloc of Latin American countries issued a stern warning to rich nations that unless they commit to new emissions cuts, the talks will fail.

Earlier this week, Japan said it was not interested in negotiating an extension of the Kyoto Protocol binding emission targets, arguing it was pointless unless China and the US, the world’s largest polluters – also accepted the accords.

Tarek Bazely reports on how, even if an international deal on reducing climate change is reached now, scientists say it may be too late.


101 East

A weekly discussion programme on Asia-Pacific current affairs………………………………


The WikiWeek that was: What we’ve learnt so far

A look behind the diplomatic bitching to find the real revelations amid the information overload



A train like this reached 302mph on a run between Beijing and Shanghai

China’s 302mph train leaves the rest of the world behind

A sleek, grey-nosed, Chinese passenger train sped past green fields yesterday and into the record books, hitting a top speed of 302 miles per hour during a test run of the link between the capital, Beijing, and the financial centre, Shanghai, the latest sign of China’s growing technological prowess. 


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