08 Jul

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Deadly attacks target Iraq pilgrims

At least 70 killed in violence aimed at Shia Muslims bound for Shia shrine in Baghdad.

Study says Afghan graft worsening

By Gregg Carlstrom
Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, has promised to reduce corruption in his government [EPA]

Afghans paid nearly $1bn in bribes last year, and corruption has become far more widespread since 2006, according to a new survey from a Kabul-based NGO.

The study, conducted by Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA), found that 28 per cent of Afghan households paid bribes to obtain at least one government service. The average value of the bribes was $156 – nearly one-third of the country’s per capita income.

IWA’s study was based on interviews with 6,500 people in all but two of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. Paktika and Nuristan were the two provinces not surveyed.


Peace bullish or ‘bullshit’

The McGlynn: It is entirely Bullshit.

By Marwan Bishara
Barack Obama, the US president, has called for “direct talks” between Israelis and Palestinians irrespective of the continued illegal settlements [AFP]  

The good news: “Netanyahu to give peace process a ‘robust push”. The bad news, any rational person privy to the ideology and makeup of the Israeli government knows this not serious.

And yet, after their meeting, Barack Obama, the US president, has publically supported his Israeli interlocutor, saying he believed Binyamin Netanyahu would take “risks for peace” and praised the Israeli prime minister for easing the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Obama also called for “direct talks” between Israelis and Palestinians irrespective of the continued illegal settlements……………………


Hamza extradition to US blocked

  • Muslim cleric Abu Hamza
    European court of human rights will not allow radical cleric to be extradited until satisfied he will be treated humanely………………………………….


Ending war for children

War Child’s Mark Waddington on why child protection needs to be at the heart of development policy

Child soldiers in eastern Congo

Child soldiers in eastern Congo. Photograph: Nicolas Postal/EPA/Corbis

No British government minister has actually made a speech about the effects of war on children before. So to have the new secretary of state for international development do this within his first 100 days in office places the issue squarely at the centre of the new government’s development policy.

Andrew Mitchell mapped out the focus of the government’s international development agenda at the War Child policy forum last week. He clearly stated that “issues of conflict are absolutely central to development”. And in referring to the 30 or so conflict affected fragile states, he was clear with his message: “The position of women and children in development is central and should inform everything we do.”…………………………

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