08 Jan

Events of Interest and Analyses, A Foreign Perspective



Yehuda Bauer: Israel’s genocidal nationalists

 Talk to Al Jazeera 08 Jan 2012 16:12 GMTAs tensions grow between ultra-Orthodox Jews and the Israeli state, the scholar discusses Jewish identity and extremism.

Iraq: A country in shambles

 Dahr Jamail08 Jan 2012 17:36 GMTDespite promises made for improvements, Iraq’s economy and infrastructure are still a disaster.

Vatican                                                                8min ago

Vatican uses Wikipedia to compile cardinals’ biographies

8 Jan 2012: Spokesman says website’s use was temporary measure driven by haste, and that official biographies being compile
Tony Blair                                                                19hr 17min ago

Blair Inc’s ‘baffling’ increase in earnings

7 Jan 2012: Accountants question transparency of financial records kept by former PM’s complex web of companies
  • ANC (African National Congress)                                                                48min ago

    South Africa’s ANC celebrates centenary with moment in the sun

    8 Jan 2012: Africa’s first liberation movement turns 100 years old with birthday celebration of song, dance and fireworks
  • Hacking                                                                1hr 59min ago

    Hackers expose defence and intelligence officials in US and UK

    8 Jan 2012:Security breach by Anonymous ‘hacktivists’ reveals email addresses of 221 British military staff and 242 Nato officials

  • Italy                                                                2hr 23min ago

    Italian police find bodies of dogs dumped by lake

    8 Jan 2012: Remains of more than 60 animals, also including cats and rabbits, discovered in countryside outside Naples
  • Mitt Romney                                                                2hr 29min ago

    New Hampshire primary: predictions and scenarios

    8 Jan 2012: Ewen MacAskill looks at how the US Republican candidates might fare on Tuesday and what the implications are
  • Olympus                                                                2hr 51min ago

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