11 Jan

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Arab observer calls Syria mission a ‘farce’

Arab League monitor resigns over what he calls a “humanitarian disaster” in which shootings and kidnappings are common.
Last Modified: 11 Jan 2012 18:02 GMT

Middle East

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Iran nuclear scientist ‘killed’ by car bomb

State media reports that magnetic bomb placed on vehicle has killed uranium enrichment supervisor in Tehran.
Last Modified: 11 Jan 2012 19:14 GMT

Middle East

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Assad faces his people’s hatred

Robert Fisk: But as their anger grows, his excuses are still just the same.

Enrichment at the top is deepening the recession

Stewart Lansley: The paralysis can be traced to two contrasting trends – shrinking real wages and burgeoning (unspent) profits.

It was lobbyists’ influence that fostered this crisis

Ben Chu: The banking lobby is a machine to turn profits into influence into rules to help keep profits high.

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