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Syrian fighters withdraw from Homs district

“Worsening” conditions, caused by lack of food, medicine and weapons, force rebels to retreat from besieged Bab Amr.
Last Modified: 01 Mar 2012 16:35 GMT

Middle East

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US soldiers shot dead in Afghan attack

Two soldiers killed by apparent Afghan soldier and another man, said to be local teacher, in latest “insider attack”.
Last Modified: 01 Mar 2012 18:10 GMT

Central & South Asia

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Palestinian prisoners boycott Israeli courts

Move in protest of Israeli military order that allows indefinite detention without charge or trial.

America’s Dangerous Game

 People and Power01 Mar 2012 11:31 GMT
This film examines the covert war in Yemen and asks if the US is creating more enemies than it can capture or kill.

Displaced Afghans left out in cold

Ali M Latifi01 Mar 2012 18:26 GMT
Government accused of “callous indifference” as number of those left homeless by violence tops 500,000.
Democratic senators speak on contraception bill

Measure, which would have allowed employers to opt out of birth control coverage on religious grounds, defeated 51-48

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