04 Jul

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Abbas calls for Arafat death investigation

 PA sees “no reason” why Arafat’s body should not be exhumed following Al Jazeera report that he may have been poisoned.

Last Modified: 04 Jul 2012 11:05 GMT

New subatomic particle could be Higgs boson

CERN scientists discover new subatomic particle that could be the elusive God particle.
Last Modified: 04 Jul 2012 09:29 GMT

Pakistan to reopen NATO supply route

US secretary of state says supply routes into Afghanistan to reopen after deal between Washington and Islamabad.
Last Modified: 04 Jul 2012 01:45 GMT

Central & South Asia

Scientists hail Higgs boson find

Steve Connor: The historic announcement came in a report from the Large Hadron Collider, the “Big
Bang” particle accelerator at the centre of the hunt for the Higgs boson.

Spain burns as global temperatures rise

The Spanish city of Valencia sits under a blanket of ash, as two converging fires continue to devour the eastern coast of the country. Since the blaze ignited last week, more than 45,000 hectares of land have been destroyed, forcing upwards of 2,000 people to flee their homes…….

Higgs boson: it’s unofficial! Cern scientists discover missing particle

‘God particle’ that gives mass to the universe thought to have been found in Large Hadron Collider, announce scientists

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