14 Jul

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Prominent Afghan MP killed in suicide attack

Ahmad Khan among 18 dead after bomber detonates explosives at his daughter’s wedding in northern Samangan province.

Last Modified: 14 Jul 2012 14:51 GMT

Romney demands Obama apology over ad attack

Republican presidential candidate hits back on attacks about his business record at Bain Capital and tax returns.
Last Modified: 14 Jul 2012 14:25 GMT



Romney’s fists full of dollars

GOP hopeful’s relationship  with money embodies everything that is wrong with the US economy.

Romney: The Republican who could be president

Cuba receives first US shipment in 50 years

Fifty-year US trade embargo on Caribbean island over ideological differences ends with delivery of humanitarian aid.
Last Modified: 14 Jul 2012 08:25 GMT


Is the media ignoring Sudan’s uprising?

 Listening Post

14 Jul 2012 09:45 GMT
As Sudan is witnessing its own version of the Arab Spring, we ask if the media has failed to keep up with the protests.

Banking scandal:

They all knew – and no one acted

Ben Chu Regulator’s claim it knew nothing thrown into doubt as documents show authorities were told of rate-rigging in 2008.

Flooding around the world – in pictures

While the UK has been affected by unusually heavy rain and flooding, many parts of the world often struggle with monsoon rains and flash floods causing severe damage and loss of life

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