15 Sep

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US police quiz anti-Islam video suspect

Suspected filmmaker is questioned by authorities after widespread protests over video rocked Muslim world.
Last Modified: 15 Sep 2012 17:07 GMT

Thousands march in Spain against austerity

Protesters descend on Madrid demanding that government spending cuts be put to national referendum.
Last Modified: 15 Sep 2012 14:47 GMT


Thousands rally against Putin in Moscow

Opposition supporters call for greater freedom and equality in demonstration against Russian president’s rule.
Last Modified: 15 Sep 2012 16:08 GMT


Anti-Islam video: A test for Arab leaders

Inside Story

15 Sep 2012 06:52 GMT
Can the region’s newest leaders navigate international demands and domestic politics as they respond to the protests?

The forgotten massacre

 Thirty years after 1,700 Palestinians were killed at the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps, Robert Fisk revisits the killing fields

US economy

capitol dome budget

US government spending cuts include $129m a year for  embassy protection

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