16 Sep

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Foreign troops killed in southern Afghanistan

 Latest “insider” attack leaves four dead in Zabul, while several civilians are killed in NATO strike in Laghman.
Last Modified: 16 Sep 2012 17:00 GMT

Anti-Islam video protests held in Pakistan

At least one killed during rallies against film mocking Prophet Muhammad held in Karachi, Lahore and other cities.
Last Modified: 16 Sep 2012 18:21 GMT

Libya makes Benghazi attack arrests

 Top Libyan official says that 50 arrests have been made in case of killing of US ambassador and three embassy staff.

Last Modified: 16 Sep 2012 15:54 GMT

Middle East

Arrival of US marines stirs up Yemen politics

By Jane Ferguson

Middle East


Nato express regret after airstrike kills civilians

Nato officials have expressed their regret after civilians were killed in an airstrike in Afghanistan which was targeting known insurgents.

Afghan government officials said that Nato planes had killed eight women and girls from a remote part of Laghman province’s Alingar district, a claim initially rejected by the US-led coalition.

However, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) – as the coalition is known – later acknowledged that civilians had been killed and expressed its regret over the airstrike. It insisted known insurgents had been the target.

“ISAF takes full responsibility for this tragedy,” a statement said………………………………

Mitt Romney misfires in his attempt to discredit Barack Obama’s ‘weak’ foreign policy

16 September 2012 12:00 AM

For most Americans, last week’s images were a shock: attacks on US compounds and the murder of diplomats in countries they thought they had been helping since the so-called Arab Spring which some are now dubbing the Arab Nightmare.

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