26 Feb

Feds release more Clinton emails on eve of South Carolina primary

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Feds release more Clinton emails on eve of South Carolina primary

The McGlynn: I hope that Sanders knows  that winning will require fighting the fighter — just the way she fights. Thus far he has refused. But a judge on Tuesday ordered Clinton’s top aides to be questioned under oath about the private email server she set up as secretary of State that violated government policy and circumvented the Freedom of Information Act. She and her employees deliberately moved material from a classified system to her unsecure server, which is illegal and now the subject of an FBI investigation. Sanders can argue the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee is a damaged general election candidate who could face enough legal jeopardy to see her candidacy blow up in smoke.

Sanders needs to bring the heat.


The State Department on Friday released 881 new emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal server, a day before Democrats in South Carolina head to the polls.

The new release brings the total number of classified emails on the former secretary of State’s machine up to more than 1,800.

The vast majority of those classified emails were listed at the lowest level, that of “confidential,” but nearly two dozen were classified as “secret” and another 22 were deemed “top secret” — the highest level of classification.

Those top secret emails were deemed too dangerous to release to the public, even in a redacted form.

None of the 88 classified emails in Friday’s dump were classified at the time they were sent, a State Department official said.

Friday’s release is the second-to-last from the State Department, which has been laboring to make Clinton’s emails public since last May.

Under the terms of a court order earlier this month, the department will need to publish the very last of the roughly 35,000 supposedly work-related emails on Monday.

Federal officials planned to work through the weekend to reach that goal, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said earlier in the day.

“We’re still reviewing them – a lot of them, frankly,” Toner told reporters at the State Department. “Going to be working hard through the weekend.”

On Saturday, Clinton’s presidential campaign is hoping to cement its front-runner status with a strong showing in South Carolina, where polls show her with a significant lead over rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Sanders has repeatedly refused to attack Clinton over her emails, but Republicans have been less kind.

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