16 Feb

Florida Dad To Politicians: Stop Taking ‘Blood Money’ From NRA

Florida Dad To Politicians: Stop Taking ‘Blood Money’ From NRA


This father is being courageous enough to speak up with the truths we need during one of the most painful times in his life. He spoke, very succinctly, of the feelings many of us have.

This father is so right. But it will be ignored by Trump and the majority of politicians just as all the other shootings have been swept aside.

As to the mental health argument. It is one very small aspect of the problem with guns in America but the NRA supported politicians use that excuse when mass shootings like this occur because they will do anything to avoid having an honest, open adult conversation about gun control based on facts.

Assuming this is a mental health issue then why did Donald Trump in February 2017, approximately a month after becoming President REPEAL a rule Obama put into place designed to block gun sales to certain mentally ill people? The repeal of this rule was supported by the NRA. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attended and spoke to a crowd at the National Rifle Association convention in May 2016 in SUPPORT of the NRA and he has stated many times that EVERY American should carry a firearm. Does that sound like what is in the best interest of America and is that the America we want to live in?

Whenever there is gun violence resulting in multiple deaths, the republicans always come on and say “Our Thoughts and Prayers go out” (worthless). They also gaslight us by saying ‘it’s too soon to discuss this matter’. And then it happens again, and again, and again…and all we get are offerings of empty thoughts and prayers and promises of ‘not soon enough’. And to say we shouldn’t deal with this now, when is now? Too Soon??? How soon is now? SOON is NOW for heaven’s sake….18 shootings at schools in such a short time.  Bullshit to all standing in the way to sanity.

Republican senator  Rubio says ‘too early”? Who do you think believes that? Your pay-to-play connections in the NRA?

Gov. Scott at the press conference today was the exact same as he was at the press conference in 2016 after the Orlando shooting saying the exact same thing, “Thoughts & Prayers, and now is not the time…”; well, you had over a year since then to enact laws that ensure high capacity/efficiency killing machines like AR-15 type rifles aren’t able to be purchased or fall into the hands of those willing and capable of committing the heinous crimes on a daily basis. This man is a bastard liar.

Until they stop talking and do something the madness will continue.

And the politicians must stop taking money from the NRA and label them as homegrown terrorists.

The McGlynn


Florida Dad To Politicians: Stop Taking ‘Blood Money’ From NRA | The Last Word | MSNBC

Sergio Rozenblat, the father of a sophomore who was on the same floor as the shooter at the South Florida high school, tells the story of his daughter’s experience. He calls on politicians to “stop accepting blood money.”


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