16 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

“We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English.” -Winston Churchill

Thank god!

The McGlynn


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George Hastings

Happy st. Patrick’s to you too, Dick!


Well “may trouble avoid you wherever you go” is not realistic these days, never has been, but I understand the sentiment “ may you discern between good trouble and bad trouble wherever you go “. Good trouble being something that you can affect or nudge in the right direction, sometimes by simply acknowledging and not turning a blind eye, not necessarily having to use the caustic tongue but feel free to if need be. Bad trouble is outside your control but in need of codemnation, so do not hold back. You never know if enough of ya join a rant, dark becomes light. May you stay engaged whevever you go. Onward and upward as you always say and may I live up to Mom and your example of staying engaged

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