06 Nov

I have cast my vote for President Barak Obama

By John

My dear friends and dissenters. Today I have cast my vote for President Barak Obama and have voted accordingly against the GOP congress that has forgotten the fundamental reason they were elected to compromise on ideologies on behalf of the common good of the nation. My reasons for doing so are as follows:
1) The President has made as much progress overcoming the poor choices of the previous administration that I hold responsible for the burgeoning national debt as any person could give the obstructionism enacted by the GOP in the last two congressional sessions. The debt was increased to save our auto industry and to shore up a greedy financial system.
2) The council of Bishops is wrong in urging the Catholic community to vote against Obama Care because of its failure to recognize the fundamental option to the poor. The church railed against having to pay for insurance that covers abortion and birth control when they could have afforded to pay the tax and opt out of this type of coverage. The institutional church is tax exempt and could have used some of that money to pay the tax as defined by the supreme court. I do not support abortion, capital punishment or unjust war, yet I pay the tax that supports 2 of the 3. In addition if the number of catholics practicing birth control was made public we’d all be guilty. the bishops have literally “thrown the baby out with the bath water”.
3) The president has ended the war in Iraq, is in the process of pulling out of Afghanistan, ended the terror of Osama Bin Laden, and reduced the defence spending of a nation that spends more on defence than Russia and China combined.
4) Obama Care is the only meaningful legislation on health care in the past 50 years and if repealed as Romney has vowed will have a direct impact on the poor. I believe as do our European allies that both healthcare and education are fundamental rights and should be a priority in any budget considerations.
5) Education is the prime resource that provides for an educated electorate, prosperity for all and is vital to our national defence. Mr. Romney does not have the passion for the difficulty the poor face in getting an education because he has never known sweat of manual labor and did not have to pay for his education. This business where the elite are the only entitled ones has to stop or the situation we now face will only get worse. The President is in touch with poor because of his upbringing.

I could go on but many of you have already determined the course of our country. God willing you chose President Obama.

By John

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The O'Leary

What a beautifully written analysis for this election day. Let us hope that Obama finds a way to fulfill your hopes for our country. We come from a long line of Dissenters, John. We will prevail.

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