18 Nov

I Survived The Holocaust Twin Experiments

Strongly recommend this video be viewed.

I Survived The Holocaust Twin Experiments


A few thoughts:
This woman is so strong, brave, empowering and most beautiful.

“I had two kidneys and one sister, so it was an easy choice” This was the line that really broke me. She had lost her older sisters, mother, father, without even saying goodbye. Later, she lost her twin as well. Despite all of this, she still has the power to forgive. She still has the power to talk about what happened. She went through something worse than hell but she still has the power to forgive.

She lost her whole family in a matter of minutes. She only had her twin sister after that. I can’t believe that there are people who believe that genocide did not happen!

If I ever meet a revisionist who said the holocaust didn’t happen I would do my damnedest to send such an ass to hell.
It must be horrific for holocaust survivors to see the Nazi flag waved about in modern day America, and it must be horrible for the veterans that risked their lives to defeat them

Please pause for a moment and think about Trump. Will there be in the future a YouTube video with an elderly Mexican or Muslim woman sitting down, saying almost the exact same things as the woman in this video, recalling her horror as well.

Think! Reflect! In the name of humanity IMPEACH!

The McGlynn


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