The author is right about the millions who died as a result of decisions made by Kissinger, starting with those who died on both sides in Viet Nam while he and Nixon prolonged the war and blathered on about a secret peace plan. Of course, Hillary’s husband Bill was excused from that slaughterhouse. Next On the indictment was the mass genocide in Cambodia after that nation was shattered by the Nixon-Kissinger bombing. And the murder of Allende and all the other thousands killed by Kissinger’s pet, General Pinochet. Even in his old age, Kissinger exerted his murderous spell, providing his protege L. Paul Bremer as proconsul in Iraq. Yes, he’s the dope who disbanded the Iraqi army and privatized a working economy, doing more than any other single person except Bush to create the anarchy from which ISIS emerged.

No surprise Kissinger thinks Hillary is great.