23 Jun

Iran – 6/23/09 Reformers Remain In The Streets Despite Crackdown

Signs of the crackdown. Two reliable Iranians on Twitter today:

“We are having difficulty getting updates to u as so many of our contacts been arrested – life here is v/v/dangerous now”

“Getting reliable news has become extremely difficult. Most of my sources have been arrested and I think about the few remaining ones and am very worried.”


6/23/09 10:47 AM ET — Strategy for a national strike. An Iranian on Twitter who often communicates Mousavi’s strategic efforts describes one part of his supporters’ plan to carry out a national strike.

Mousavi – We will not expend any more energy talking to the Gov in the streets – we must change course
Mousavi – From Today every morning at 9am WE ALL travel to Tehran Bazaar – whatever reaction from Gov – Bazaar will close

Mousavi – stop all work and travel with friends & family toward Tehran Bazaar every day at 9am

Mousavi – do NOT wear green – dress normally – bring your children – if stopped u are ONLY going shopping

Mousavi – the objective is to bring Tehran to standstill – millions of people go shopping but NOBODY SHOPPING

Mousavi – There is nothing to fear – if asked – YOU ARE ONLY GOING SHOPPING

Mousavi – no matter what the reaction of the Gov – the Bazaar will close or be at standstill



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