19 Jun

Iran, Fear and Thuggery

They beat and kick helpless women. The caption on this video, via an Iranian-American friend, says it was taken in Rasht, a city in northern Iran by the Caspian Sea. The date is unclear but it was uploaded today. In the middle of the screen, you’ll see a young woman pushed, then punched and kicked, by plainclothes Basiji paramilitaries.

The fear this kind of violence creates is immediately clear, as even the person filming the video — who’s in a building several stories above — backs away from the window and gets lower to the ground so as not to be seen.


Video surfaces of apparent attack on students. We’ve heard for several days now of the wave of violence that swept over Tehran University earlier in the week. There has been some video posted of the results of the attacks — dorm rooms and computers destroyed, students sporting large bruises and cuts.

But now, some footage of the actual moment of an attack — pure thuggery

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