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Iran, Open letter to the authorities and managers in the country

Iranian Mothers For Peace

Iranian Mothers For Peace

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To the Country’s Authorties and Managers:

Place peace on your agenda

We are writing this letter at a time when every day we hear the ominous call for war over the international arena, the call that has generated insecurity and unrest in the region.  This is while deployment of the United State’s fleet in the Persian Gulf   has taken a threatening position; the European economic giants have joined the supporters of extreme sanctions and the Security Council has passed several resolutions against Iran.

These are the reasons why we the “Mothers for Peace” wish to state our grave concern on the current situation of our country.

Perhaps the United States did not even think it could mobilize the world against Iran so easily and with the least expense.  In fact the position and actions taken by some authorities in our country assisted the United States to have the excuse to justify the notion that Iran and Moslems are dangerous.  Whereas, in effect it is the Iranian nation and our children who pay the price for such unmeasured words and actions.

Some believe that in case of an aggression, Iran will jeopardize the interests of United States in the whole region; even if this is true, our concern is not the expenses that United States would have to pay for taking such a course, but that our security will be jeopardized too as the result of the instability in the region.   Our fear is the high price that we and our children would inevitably have to pay in such circumstances.

We have had parliament and modern governmental institutions established in our country in  the past hundred years. The educated Iranians, the intellectuals, specialists and the general public want to take part in decisions that impact their lives.  Our history has witnessed the exemplary moderation and co-existence of Iranians with other races, ethnic groups and religions. The question remains to what extent this nation is now able to take part in making decisions on war, peace, or on bearing the consequences of repeated sanctions?

In the current critical situation which calls to mind the United States’ preparations before invasion of Iraq, it can not be expected of students, teachers, intellectuals, journalists, artists, workers etc., men and women and peace-seeking people from diverse religious ethnic and religious background to remain silent, not to take part in peaceful movements or not to demand their rights.

Faced with provocative policies we have the right to ask the following questions:

-if the nuclear program concerns all Iranians, how is it that we can not express our views directly on the issue that affects our security and the lives of our children?

-if Iran is pushed into war, we ask would it only be the authorities and decision makers who suffer the consequences?  History tells us that ordinary people fall  victim to  wars,  hard times and sanctions, not the wealthy, high ranking and powerful people.

Yes, we are worried; we have not forgotten the bitter days of war, we still mourn our loved ones, witness the pain of those disabled and everyday pass by the streets named after those martyred in the war.

From now on we want to see the name of our children on honor plaques, in scientific, cultural, artistic, and sports arenas.  We don’t want the devastation of war to destroy our lives once more, or the sanctions to paralyze the normal way of life.

The McGlynn: Hundreds of Iranian mothers have signed this petition to the Iranian Government. They are the true and courageous peacemakers of our time. Bless them and keep them safe.

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