27 Jun

Iran’s national poet, today from Tehran.

The Lioness of Iran

June 27, 2009 Iran’s national poet speaks out. “NPR’s Davar Ardalan interviewed Simin Behbahani, Iran’s national poet, today from Tehran. She’s 82 years-old and one of the most respected figures in modern Iran. She recites two poems inspired by recent events — one dedicated to the people of Iran and another to Neda, the woman whose death during the protests was viewed by millions on the web and on TV.”

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What a beautiful and talented woman. I salute her and all the beautiful Iranian women of the streets of Iran. I go with them.


i am in tears, but also so proud for all of the Lionesses of Iran, and all over the world. Woman who live in more affluence, and grace have an obligation to help women and children all over the world and fight for them any way they can. By writing, speaking out, contributing, fund raising, hands-on, politics and the political arena, education, informational resources, movies, videos, plays, anything and everything. We need to start to collectively work together worldwide to stop the continuing madness against women and children. Please check out my video:Freedom in Iran Through the Eyes of a child, a short 4 minute tribute video. Bless all of the Lionesses. THank You

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