21 Nov

“IS CLIMATE CHANGE A HOAX??!!” Bernie Sanders

“IS CLIMATE CHANGE A HOAX??!!” Bernie Sanders Uses Senate Hearing to DESTROY Donald Trump


Thank you, Senator. I have been on this bandwagon since 1980.

Some brave, sensible American president should have announced the Energy Race decades ago. We should have led the race to sustainable energy, not fought to avoid it.
But the message is falling on deaf ears and will continue to dd so until we get someone in power who actually can read and understand simple reports on climate change. That will not be oil company executives.

It is pathetic that today money is more powerful than appeals to morality, ethics, the future, the environment, and the well-being of humans globally.

The McGlynn


During a Senate hearing on oil & gas drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Bernie Sanders brilliantly destroys Trump’s failure to act on climate change while arguing against the drilling!

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