09 Nov

Jackie Evancho, Ambassador for Animals

Jackie Evancho, Ambassador for Animals

Since last year, Jackie Evancho has worked with The Humane Society of the United States to raise awareness about the need to protect baby seals from cruel hunters through the Humane Society of the United States’ Protect Seals campaign.

Because of her commitment to help not only seals but all animals, the Humane Society of the United States named Jackie an Ambassador for Animals. In her role, she shares information about important animal issues with her fans and the public in addition to encouraging kids to get involved, too.

Mission: Humane

As an Ambassador for Animals, Jackie will also be the spokesperson for Mission: Humane, a Humane Society of the United States program that guides children in helping animals. Mission: Humane provides information on animal issues and encourages kids to get involved like Jackie.

Mission: Humane focuses on specific issues and campaigns to protect animals while also providing information on everything from how to start a club at school to actions anyone can take to make a difference. Current campaigns include stopping puppy mills, preventing animal cruelty, and promoting wildlife appreciation, and plans to extend the Protect Seals campaign into Mission: Humane are in development.

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