08 Aug

Jake Needs Your Help Today!

Submitted By Victoria and Ed

If you’ve never thought about being a bone marrow donor, today is the day to act.

My friend Kimberly Cluff‘s 5 year old son, Jake, has been diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia and MUST find a donor match ASAP. Please, please take a few m…

inutes and read about how Kimberly and her family are moving heaven and earth to find Jake a donor match.

And then take action to be added to the database. I have already, it was super easy and if I get the chance to save a life, I wouldn’t hesitate to donate. And I know you wouldn’t either.

Register with the bone marrow registry (you can find the link from Jake’s site) and they will send you a swab kit. Seriously, if you’ve ever watched one episode of CSI, you know what to do. Easy peasy and you’re a life saver.

 And please spread the word!

Thank you all!


 learn jake’s story

 how you can help!

On February 17, 2012, at exactly 5 1/2 years old, we took our boy Jake to a doctor’s appointment to try and figure out why in just one week he was bruising more than usual, had a very slight but persistent bloody nose, and was too tired to walk to school. Later that night we were stunned when he was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia. For reasons currently unkown, Jake’s bone marrow has stopped working – which means that it’s not producing red or white blood cells or platelets.

What does that mean?
– First, it means life as Jake knew it prior to Feb 17 has changed dramatically. Kindergarten has been replaced with a daily regime of medications and a weekly regime of doctor’s appointments, blood tests and transfusions.

– Second, it means life for our family now requires a crash course in pediatric hematology, homeschooling Jake and constantly struggling to figure ways to keep his life “normal” but safe for a creative, busy, happy kid with no immune system and dangerously low levels of blood in his body.

– Third, and most important, it means finding Jake’s cure, a bone marrow transplant. This is where you come in…


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Victoria Prozan McGlinn

Thank you for helping to spread the word! Much love to you!

Victoria Prozan McGlinn

Thank you for spreading the word about Jake. Much love to you!

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