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Lawsuit filed by juror in Darren Wilson case against St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch


58-point lawsuit filed by juror in Darren Wilson case against St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch

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In a breaking story by Chris McDaniel of St. Louis Public Radio, it has been revealed that a member of the grand jury in the case against former Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson has filed a 58-point lawsuit against prosecutor Bob McCulloch, alleging that the prosecutor knowingly and deliberately misrepresented to the public how the grand jury felt about the evidence and whether or not Darren Wilson should have been charged. In the lawsuit, seen below in its entirety, the juror, suing in part for the opportunity to speak openly about the case without harm of criminal penalty, claims that she/he did indeed feel that Darren Wilson should’ve been charged with crimes, but that McCulloch, in his public statements about the case, suggested otherwise. The lawsuit also alleges that the entire grand jury process was prejudicially managed by McCulloch and that it often felt like slain Ferguson teenager Mike Brown was on trial instead of Darren Wilson.

Already under fire for calling Witness #40, Sandy McElroy, to testify before the grand jury when he now admits he knew she was never actually on scene to witness the shooting of Mike Brown, which may be a crime in and of itself, it is increasingly obvious that Bob McCulloch had no intentions whatsoever of charging Darren Wilson with any kind of crime in the shooting death of Mike Brown.

Read the full lawsuit below the fold.

Here is the full lawsuit by “Grand Juror Doe.”

  Grand Juror Doe Complaint 1-5-15

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