11 Dec

Let US realize That Every Second is Worth Living

Let us pause and reflect for a moment

Life isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes, in the famous words of the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, Life can be ‘nasty, brutish and short.’ And, judging by these extraordinary photos, Hobbes may have had a point. You may cry- perhaps you’ll even be shocked and appalled. But, more than anything, we hope you’ll finish reading this article with a newfound realization that every second is worth living.

Pope Francis Consoles a Severely Disfigured Man


When Vinicio Riva visited Vatican City to attend a morning talk held by the pope, little did he know of the warm embrace he’d receive. Riva, who suffers from a non-infectious genetic disease that causes irregular tumor growth, wasn’t accustomed to kind acts by anyone, let alone from the pope. Yet, it appears Pope Francis saw the beauty in Riva when others ugly prejudgments had failed them.

Waiting For Death

awaiting death

This graphic photo of a starving Sudanese child kneeling to his death as wide-eyed vulture waits in the background sent shivers through the international community when it was published in 1992. Captured by Kevin Carter, the photograph would go on to win the 1994 Pulitzer Prize. However, it seemed the images Carter documented would haunt him for years to come, leading to the photographers suicide a year later.  Leaving a note, the South African wrote, ” I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings and corpses and anger and pain … of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen, often police, of killer executioners.”

A Young Japanese Boy Standing at Attention After Bringing His Dead Brother to a Cremation Pyre

In the wake of the American bombings that reigned over Japan in 1945, photographer Joe O’ Donnell would spend the next seven months documenting the plights and casualties of the many thousands of citizens affected. Devastatingly, many sufferers of the atrocities were children, as this stark photograph of a brave boy carrying his baby brother to a cremation ground shows.

A Young Holocaust Survivor is Asked to Draw a Picture of Home

holocoat girl

For many of the millions of survivors who grew up in the German concentration camps of the 1940’s, the memories of their stay would forever haunt them. Perhaps more tragically, younger survivors were less aware of any barbarity- for it was all they knew. And as this photo of a little child epitomizes, it’s the only image they can fathom

Waiting for Her Owner


Leao, the dog, sat for two whole days next to her owners graves after she was killed in the devastating landslides near Rio De Janeiro in 2011. They say a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than they love themselves, and judging by this heart-wrenching photo, never has a phrase rung so true.

War Child

war child

London was blitzed heavily in the war, and the resulting damage was catastrophic for its social and economic climate. But for children that weren’t evacuated, many bore the brunt of war’s terrible wrath.

A Political Divide


This heart-wrenching photo of an elderly South Korean parting ways with his North Korean relative embodies the power politics has to divide, as well as unite. 


Boy Cries at the Funeral of His Father 

boy cries

This brave boy wept at the funeral of his father, who died on duty in Iraq. As of today 4,495  American soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq since the war started in 2003. 

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